The Joy of living

The splendor of greenery surrounding sparkling pools, the balmy breezes laden with serenity caress as you discover your new home in Jeddah.
description is not out of an imaginary tale of Arabian Nights but a peek into Mura Bustan, a very special housing estate, the combination of aesthetics, imagination and care is pervasive; the compound, the homes, the furnishings, the facilities and sporting activities. Mura Bustan compounds, synonymous with the happiest way of living in the Kingdom, can become your home.
The Mura Bustan concept signifies a very private but total living environment that relates to lifestyles in any advanced country.
Complemented by a host of services, including around the clock security, in an atmosphere conducive to happy living at a cost that is by no means prohibitive.
Mura Bustan offers concept offers six different styles of homes enclosed in six compounds, totaling 230 villas.
Each compound has a pleasing individuality of its own unique landscaping. All homes are fully equipped and contemporarily furnished.

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